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LeAsha Crayton

I work with kids and adults 12 years and up, who are feeling stuck in life, struggling to find a way out of this repetitive cycle of anxiety, depression, hopelessness, malaise, and restlessness. You’ve just about given up on joy and feel lost in who you are, not sure about who you want to be. You may be good at masking your pain, but you know the feeling of emptiness and stagnation deep inside. If you’re struggling with guilt, shame, regret, and distress and want a chance to rediscover yourself and find your joy, please reach out. I’d love the opportunity to walk on this journey with you.

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Insurance: United Healthcare and Aetna. I can provide a superbill to help with deductibles and reimbursement.

More About Me

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with a master's in science (MS) in clinical mental health counseling working with adolescent through adult clients experiencing anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation, anger, grief, experiencing phase of life problems, achieving work/life balance, and adjusting to life's circumstances, in addition to other mental health concerns.

Regardless of circumstances, I believe individuals have the potential for growth using the tools and resources they currently possess. With my empathetic approach, I seek to encourage you to take personal responsibility and action to reinforce your growth potential. My goal is to empower, connect, and support you from a non- judgmental, safe place.

LeAsha Crayton
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