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About Us

Healing is in the Relationship

Same Time Next Week? Counseling & Consultation, PLLC was founded by Jade A. Dacus and Paul Cherry on the principles of full and authentic inclusion of all people. Our goal is to provide the space necessary for you to explore your unique and true sense of self and to discover and courageously accept yourself as you are. Awareness is useless without action. We encourage and support you in practicing your identity in a therapeutic and safe place, then prepare you to express yourself outside the counseling room and in your world.


At Same Time Next Week? we don't treat the diagnosis, we treat the person. We want you to feel welcomed, appreciated, and encouraged to take these steps with us free from judgement, condemnation, or criticism.


You are not alone!

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What We Treat

You are more than a diagnosis. You may come into the counseling room with a suspicion that you may have a mental health disorder or with a previous diagnosis or previous diagnoses. You may just be curious about what's been going wrong or how to make positive changes in your life. We have the experience and expertise to identify and treat the impact of life conditions, traumas, and anything from current stressors to big life disruptions and changes.

These life conditions include, but are not limited to: depression, anxiety, bi-polar, stress, school problems, behavioral disorders, mood disorders, sexual behaviors, trauma, grief, various substance use concerns and behavioral concerns, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (child or adult) (ADHD), career concerns, abuse, domestic violence and abuse, past abuse, anger, emotional awareness, emotional regulation, emotional expression, suicide ideation and attempts, self harm, men's issues, women's issues, sexuality (such as exploring lesbian, gay, and bi-sexuality), sexual and gender identity (such as transgender and gender neutral), life transitions, autism, conflict, sexual relationships, sex, relationship concerns, self esteem and self worth, boundaries, family concerns, divorce, coping skills, infidelity, pregnancy and postpartum depression, existential crises, couples, intrusive and racing thoughts and cognitions, spiritual and religious trauma, etc. 

At our core, we are secular, non-religious in our therapeutic approach. However, we do have experience and expertise in utilizing the spirituality of the client as part of the healing journey. 

We offer our services via video conference (TeleHealth), or in-person

We enthusiastically work with individuals who identify in the LGBTQ+ communities

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