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Jessica Messman

Living your best, authentic life can be difficult and pain in life is unavoidable. But you don't have to do this by yourself- I can help you carry that burden as we work towards solutions. In therapy together, we start a process that explores your unique experience. I respect the courage it takes to show up for yourself and to value your mental health and happiness. I believe we as humans are all complex individuals who require an accepting and non-judgmental space to feel seen and understood. This is your journey; client participation is key to moving towards personal growth and overall well-being. I would be honored to walk this path with you, please call today!

Insurance: United Healthcare and Aetna. I can provide a superbill to help with deductibles and reimbursement.

More About Me

In addition to my own life experiences, I am an EMDR trained licensed professional counselor- Associate (LPC-Associate) and nationally board-certified counselor (NCC) specializing in the treatment of trauma and addiction. Having worked at a non-profit agency, my varied background includes working with a wide array of populations including adolescents, teens, adults, and couples, as they navigate through life transitions, relationship issues, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, sexual violence, domestic violence, substance use, self-harming behaviors, and suicidal ideation, in addition to other mental health concerns.

My approach to therapy is holistic, client-centered, and collaborative, meaning that I work with my clients to identify their unique needs and goals, then tailor my therapeutic techniques to best support them. Some of the therapies I pull from include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, EMDR, and Schema Therapy. We will set goals to address challenges, cultivate resilience, and embrace positive change. Together, we can navigate a path to an authentic and resilient you.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate supervised by Courtney Jordan, LPC-S. I have a Master of Arts (MA) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from University of the Cumberlands.

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