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Jade A. Dacus

I firmly believe that therapy is a special journey between two fellow travelers, client & counselor, and connect with my clients on a fundamentally human level. Though I am very supportive and empathetic, I expect clients to "hold up their end of the bargain", so to speak, and hold them accountable for their own part in their growth and improved well-being.

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Insurance: I do not currently take insurance. I can provide a superbill to help with deductibles and reimbursement.

More About Me

I integrate techniques from polyvagal theory, parts work, solution & emotion-focused therapies. I use a bottom-up, body-based approach to treat trauma and nervous system dysregulation. From a holistic systems approach, I understand that life does not occur within a bubble and there are a multitude of factors that can contribute to psychological distress.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Board Certified Counselor specializing in the treatment of individuals who have experienced trauma. I am a member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling, and a Professor of Funeral Service Education. I have experience in working with individuals presenting with depression, anxiety, PTSD, emotional issues, as well as crisis intervention, safety planning, individual and group therapy. As a queer woman, I have both lived experience and extensive scholarly knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community, and tirelessly advocate for "family". I work with adolescents ages 14+ and adults. My approach to therapy is grounded in feminist & existential philosophies.

Jade A. Dacus
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