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Scheduling and Finances

Please read through our general policies regarding procedures for scheduling your first appointment, completing the required paperwork, and the session fees for each individual therapist.

Scheduling Your First Appointment

1. You are welcome to complete our contact form or reach out by email, text, or phone. Please allow 24 hours for returned contact.

2. Please indicate which counselor you would like to see or you may request the first available therapist.

3. We will contact you and get some basic information, including your name, phone number, email address, and a brief background.

4. You will receive an email from TheraNest inviting you to create your client portal and complete all the required pre-appointment paperwork.

5. Once the paperwork is completed, we will schedule your first appointment.


Required Paperwork

Required paperwork includes HIPAA privacy policy, informed consent, billing information (we MUST keep a valid payment card on file), client history, contact information, emergency contact information, and any other relevant information.



Standard Per Session Fees (Fees are expected at the time of service):

LeAsha: $130​

Jenna: $95

Jessica: $95

Nancy: $95

Madison: $95

Jade: $130

Paul: $130

*Fees for any additional services are listed in the informed consent.



  • You must confirm with the practice your desire to use your insurance benefits and which insurance company you are enrolled with prior to scheduling your first appointment.

  • The practice will contact you regarding estimated costs associated with your insurance benefits. 

  • To use your insurance, you must check with your insurance company to determine your behavioral health benefits, including co-pay and deductibles.

  • Please note, each insurance plan is different regarding behavioral health benefits. With certain plans, it may be necessary to pay out-of-pocket for the appointment until your deductible is met.

  • At your request, we will send you a superbill to submit to insurance to go toward your deductible or to help with reimbursement.

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